Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I designed a vocalist! :)

How was it?This is a vocalist designed by me.She always wears headphone.I wish that she will be as popular as Hatsune Miku (vocaloid).If you have any suggestion ,you can leave a comment.Remember to press 'recommend this on Google' if you like it.Thks!

RE:The photo is a little bit dark.Sorry!

Handmade Model of Virus

My bio teacher asked all of the students to do a microorganism model.After the school holiday we have to show it to the teacher.So this was one of my holiday homework.Actually I asked my dad to help my with this.He helped my to do most of the parts.However,I did do some of the parts.Ha ha ha!Not easy to do this.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Be Blessed by Holy Spirit

Yesterday, my mother ,my brother and I went to a church with my friends family.A pastor from Taiwan had come.He preached to kids, youth and parents.He said that kids and youngsters should pray for holy spirits to come upon them and pray for holy spirits to bless their family.Parents should pray for their kids so that holy spirits could guide them in their life. The most important thing is that he pray for all of the kids and youngsters so that the holy spirit can work inside the kids and youngsters, and let the holy spirit blessed everyone. Most of them lied down and some were shaking, and some were crying. The prayer of the pastor was very very powerful.I didn't lied down or shaking, but I cried .The scene was so touching.It was a great great experience to me.  :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Trip to Logos Hope

 My family and I went to visit Logos Hope which park at Port Klang.It carries a lot of books on it.It goes all around the world to bring knowledge,help and hope to all the place. We also took part in a tour group.The tour leader would bring us to take tour around the ship.It was a fun and nice to on Logos Hope.I'm very happy to have a chance to visit the ship.

This is the control room.

Handmade Birthday Card

 These are the card that I made for my cousin.The dog and the cat can also use as a bookmark,isn't it wonderful?I made by myself ,fully handmade.Isn't it wonderful?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Celebrating birthday at 1 Utama

My family and I went to 1 Utama to celebrate my cousin's birthday.We took our dinner at a restaurant called Garden.Someone was playing piano.

 After that, we went to U Bowl.Many people were there.I did not play because I do not know how to play.The first time I play,the ball always rolled into the 'longkang'.Ha,ha,ha!

Other people were playing bowling too.

We had a fun day celebrating  my cousin's birthday at 1 Utama.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hooray for the end of UPSR

Hooray! UPSR is finally over. I have been waiting this day so many months.At last ...............................!Actually UPSR  is not actually as hard as I think.If you did all the prepare, and concentrate when teacher is teaching, you will feel like UPSR is as the normal exam.

      When I was doing one of my exam paper, the student behind me kept on moving his table and chair infront. His table even touched my chair.So annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! And because of that, I suspect that he was peeping at my answer.Besides that, he also disturbed me when we were taking exam by throwing his rubber.
         Still, I believe that I did well in my UPSR